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At our Lancaster, CA dental office, we have the right solution to gum disease treatment, through Periodontal Microtherapy.
 Periodontal Microtherapy is a tailor made treatment that involves several very precise steps that allows for the elimination of the harmful gum disease causing bacteria that are present in your mouth. The idea is to treat this infection by eliminating the exact bacteria that are causing it, and not by blind faith.
 To tailor the gum disease treatment we first analyze a sample of the bacteria in your mouth to identify the exact bacteria that are causing your gum disease through DNA testing and anaerobic culturing. Once we have identified the Bacteria then we check their susceptibility to different antibiotics and then choose the exact combination of antibiotics that are effective for eliminating the bacteria. 
But remember just taking the antibiotics will not eliminate these bacteria. We need to eliminate the tartar, and also disrupt their protective biofilm.

Periodontal Microtherapy

A Precise Science

We use a special instrument for removing the tartar with gentle ultrasonic sound waves, and we disrupt the biofilm with a special rinse that is extremely effective and safe. Then we apply a special disinfectant to the roots of the teeth, and all the other hiding places of the bacteria. We will then prescribe appropriate antibiotics to eliminate the rest of the bacteria. Once the tartar is removed, and the biofilm is disrupted, the bacteria are easy pickings for the disinfectant, and the antibiotics.
We then give you an easy to follow home care instructions that will keep you from getting re-infected with these bacteria. Sometimes we choose to do another analysis of the bacteria in the mouth to make sure that we have eliminated the harmful bacteria.
We have found that this regimen for gum disease treatment is extremely conservative, and successful in treating periodontal infections and disease. It is the precise application of science for treating a disease that has been menacing mankind for thousands of years.

The Correct Approach

While most other doctors are trying their honest best to provide gum disease treatment, they fight a see-saw battle that can be at times too aggressive and mostly ineffective.
Most doctors treat their patients based on what they learned in dental school, and the continuing education classes they attend thereafter. Unfortunately the training at all dental schools are not identical. What is worse is that schools usually teach the conventional way of treating gum disease.
Some schools are very conservative, and teach their students that gum disease treatment can only be performed by cleaning and scraping the teeth repeatedly, while other schools are very aggressive, and preach treatment through aggressive periodontal surgery. The correct approach is to treat you the patient based on your specific problems, and your specific bacteria.