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With dental implant surgery, the bone can be preserved by replacing missing tooth roots with the dental implants. Eventually, the bone will form a strong bond to the dental implants where they will serve the same functions as natural tooth roots.

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dental implant surgery

Dental Implant Surgery

The most common and successful form of dental implants available today are “root form” dental implants, which go beyond basic tooth replacement and essentially replace the root of a tooth as well. Natural tooth roots, which are embedded in the bone, basically hold the bone in place and help support the teeth.

Not only will this provide a strong foundation for biting and chewing, but the dental implants will also allow for the replacement of the entire missing tooth, which was never before possible. Thanks to years of progress and improved techniques, dental implants will look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Initial Consultation

At your first appointment at our Lancaster, CA office, we will conduct a thorough examination and consultation. This usually involves x-rays and may include taking impressions for models of your teeth. If you have already lost a significant amount of bone, additional x-rays taken at another facility that specializes in this type of x-ray may also be recommended.

The benefits of dental implant procedures are plentiful. From improving your quality of life to boosting your overall appearance and self-confidence, having a dental implant can prove to be a life changing event.